Computing and Information System (18 Months)

Information technology is at the center of daily life and is a rapidly evolving and dynamic industry.
IT professionals are required to constantly be ahead of competition and an (ABMA) Computing and Information Systems qualification will provide you with the skills and know how to do it.
This programme has been developed with the assistance of sector and employer experts with both core and future IT trends in mind.

Course Contents

Level 4 (6 Months)

* Information Systems

* Computer Programming

* Information Systems Analysis and Design

* Information Presentation and Analysis

* Web Technologies

Level 5 (6 Months)

* Database Systems

* Software development

* Information Systems Analysis and Design

* Web Applications Development

* E-Commerce Strategies

Level 6 (6 Months)

* Software Engineering, Algorithm Design and Analysis

* Enterprise Architecture

* Organisational Security

* IT Project Management

* Scalable Web and E-Commerce


Computer Engineering (18 Months)

Technology has revolutionised the way organisations have transformed their businesses and individuals looking to work in this exciting sector must possess both the theoretical knowledge and the technical skills to create IT systems that drive business forward. These qualifications address the industry demand for specialist abilities coupled with a core and fundamental knowledge and are devised to incorporate managerial level skills, helping you develop the advanced skills the industry craves.

Course Contents

Level 4 (6 Months)

* Computer Systems

* Computer Security

* Management of Projects

* Networking Technology

* Personal Computer Software Support

Level 5 (6 Months)

* Human Computer Interaction

* Internet Server Management

* IT Security Management

* Advanced Networking Technology

* IT Virtualisation

Level 6 (6 Months)

* Data Center Technology

* Distributed and Concurrent Systems

* VLSI Design and Signal Processing

* Embedded and Digital Systems Engineering

* Cloud Computing and Operating Systems

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