Diploma inProject Planning and Management

Course Overview

The Diploma is designed to maximize the potential role of management and project planning by introducing
a broad spectrum of concepts and techniques of modern planning.
The Diploma is divided into two parts with each part being completed in six months. This is a CCOSA Diploma.

Course Content

Semester 1

* Development Planning and Communication
* Project Appraisal
* Project Planning and Design
* Research Theory (Examinable)

Semester 2

* Project Management
* Rural and Urban Environments
* Research Projects
* Disaster Management
* Management Information Systems

Admission Requirements

A) Conditional Entry: A minimum of 5 'O' level passes including English, Maths/Accounts or any other Diploma or Degree from a recognized institution of higher learning.

B) Unconditional Entry: Mature individuals 25 years with relevant work experience and a good command of English.

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